TF2 Characters in Augmented Reality



Recently I created these AR animations with 3D Models of the Online Multiplayer Game:

Team Fortress 2

The 3d Models are from:

These animations are triggered by a marker that I created in PDF, available in the link below:

PDF Marker


You can print it in a normal page, preferably  a card paper to be more resistant.

Then, click the links below and your browser will ask you if you want to access your webcam. You have to enable it to see the animations (click with the right mouse button and choose webcam options, the little camera icon).

If you don´t want to repeat the process many times just select the option remember and is more simple.

After you see the animations you can disable this option.

Then just point your webcam to your marker.

The better way to see, is to put the marker horizontally and point the webcam to it.

I created this project with both teams: Blue and Red.

It was developed in Flash. You will need the Flash Player Plugin for your browser.

To return to this page, press the back button in the browser.

Hope you like!

Merry Christmas!


Red Team:

Blue Team:

Best Regards!

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